Dental Implants

A desirable alternative to other methods of replacing missing teeth is dental implants, which:

  • Offer better esthetics — Placed in your gums similar and supported similarly to a natural tooth, dental implants have a more realistic appearance than other options.
  • Reduce bone resorption — Placed in the empty space where a tooth previously resided, dental implants help slow the rate of bone recession that naturally occurs when a tooth is lost and they provide stability for this valuable tissue.
  • Increase retention — Improved full or partial denture retention can occur with dental implants. In some cases, we can secure your denture to a group of implants with special connectors that completely stabilize the denture.
  • Preserve natural tooth structure — Considered a good alternative to a bridge, an implant is a mostly independent unit and doesn’t affect the adjacent teeth. By comparison, a bridge requires the destruction of your existing tooth structure to create room for the bridge and makes the task of retaining your teeth more difficult.

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