Teeth Whitening

If the natural aging process or your lifestyle (drinking coffee, tea, soda or wine or smoking) have stained your teeth, whitening can get your smile back to looking it’s best.

Although all whitening methods are similar in concept, some are more effective than others. Success is based on how the whitening material is delivered to the teeth and the concentration of the material.

Because many over-the-counter whitening systems are less potent, many people don’t achieve the results they’re seeking. That’s why we offer tray whitening.

After taking an impression of your teeth, we make you a custom tray. We provide you with a supply of whitening gel to put into the tray. Simply wear the tray with the gel for a few hours each day until you achieve the brightness you desire.

Keep in mind that tooth sensitivity is a normal side effect of this whitening method and typically goes away once you complete the treatment.

To learn more about our $99 White for Life teeth whitening program, call us at 952-432-9155 to schedule a free consultation.

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